Ancestors of Shirley Janette Alexander

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1. Shirley Janette Alexander, daughter of William John Alexander and Edith Pearl Rose, was born on 4 Nov 1935 in Duke, Scioto, OH, United States. Other names for Shirley are Shirley Crabtree and Shirley J. Sexton.

Shirley married Donald Richard Crabtree, son of James B. Crabtree and Elsie Esther Rhoden, on 27 Jan 1952 in Jasper, Pike, OH, United States. Donald was born on 23 Feb 1933 in Jackson, Jackson, Ohio, United States. Other names for Donald are Conald Crabtree and Donald R. Crabtree.

Children from this marriage were:

          i.  Donald Wayne Crabtree was born on 20 Aug 1954 in San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA. Another name for Donald is Donald W. Crabtree.

         ii.  Timothy John Crabtree was born on 14 Nov 1956 in Columbus, Franklin, OH, USA.

Shirley next married Joel Sexton on 31 Mar 1964 in Columbus, Franklin, OH, USA. Joel was born on 11 Feb 1938.

The child from this marriage was:

          i.  Robert Sexton was born on 23 Aug 1970 in Columbus, Franklin, OH, USA.

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